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Massage therapy center

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.


Romantic Red Wine SPA

Romantic red wine spa (120 min)

An exotic luxurious and unforgettable ritual of spa treatment that using a Red Wine & Scrub with body, clean the toxic inside the body (Detoxification), make your skin feel younger, and make your skin shining. This Red Wine has a resveratol which have an effect to reduce the risk of cancer and A, B1 and D, Which have more than 30 vitamins and minerals.

Package Details

– Foot bath with Tropical Flower – Red Wine therapy with full body Massage

– Full body scrubbing with Natural grape scrub

Flower bath with Red Wine – Shower Bath

Starting From $

Four Hand SPA

A four hands Massage can be like experiencing tow full body clients body as form canvas, on to which they choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressure, four hand spa generally more expensive than other forms of massage, since two therapist must be compensated for their time and skill.

Four hand spa good improve blood circulation, increase the blood

flow on two separate parts of the body while, doing by two therapist

simultaneously. to prevent cold, flu, chills, malaria, typhod skin disease, including allergy, related skin infecstation.

Package Details

– Herbal Foor Bath
-Four Hands Massage with2 therapist using ginseng oil
-Herbal full body scrub
-Face Massage with cold stone -Seaweed full body mask
– Herbal bath with ginseng tea
– Shower bath

Starting From $

Halo Bali Natural SPA

Halo bali natural spa (120 min)

The traditional massage that using a natural material from Lavender, Jasmine

or Rose Oil included natural scrubbing the all body, will make your skin feel younger and make your skin shining.

Package Details

– Foot Bath with Tropical Flower
-Traditional Massage With Oil (Lavender or Jasmine, Rose)
-Natural Lulur Body Scrub (Green tea or Chocolate scrub)
-Flower Bath
– Shower

Starting From $

Aloe Vera SPA

Aloe Vera SPA ( 120Min )

Hearing the name Aloe Vera we sketched out in our mind a very popular plant and a modern plantation and a medicinal plant This plant is very effective to cure wounds. The only Spa using this fresh product is Halo Bali Spa processed in such a way so that it produces a treatment that is very beneficial to the human body in the area of health. This product is also beneficial to cure skin diseases caused by burns, irritation or other injuries, assist in killing eczema and germs as well as may assist in moisturizing and softening the skin.

Package Details

-Fresh Aloe Foot bath
-Classical Swedish Massage tea tree oil
-aloe body mask, Face & Body Massage
-Flower bath & Aloe Juice
-Shower Bath
– Apply the lavender lotion.

Starting From $

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy (120 MIN )


The full body massage with natural material from Lavender or Jasmine Oil only, will make you skin feel younger and relaxation.

Package Details

– Foot bath with flower
– Traditional Massage (Aroma essential oil)
– Shower Bath
[12.32, 28/1/2024] Lutfi 10: HALO BALI CHOCOLATE SPA ( 120 MIN )

The traditional massage that using a natural Chocolate oil included natural scrubbing the all body, will make your skin feel younger and make your skin shining.

Package details

-Flower bath with tropical flower
-traditional massage whit oil chocolate
-natural lulur body scrub ( chocolate )
-flower bath
-shower bath

Starting From $

Original Chocolate Stone / Aroma Stone

Original Chocolate Stone / Aroma Stone ( 120 min )

Massage technique that using a natural material from chocolate which processed use and herbal method that becomes a lotion a lotion and oil. Combine with massage technique using natural stone which have an effect to clean the bacteria from inside the body (detoxification), smoothing your skin, rejuvenation, increase blood circulation, erase the black spot on your face and make your skin more beautiful. Chocolate contains polyphenol also know as vitamin P that prevents skin from cancer.


Package Details

-Foot bath with flower
-Natural lotion oil & hot stone therapy
-Hand Manipulation Massage
-Shower bath

Starting From $
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