Halo Bali Spa | 10 Aroma Stone Therapy
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Aroma Stone Therapy

02 Cold & Warm Stone Therapy 2
120 minutes

Massage technique that using a natural material from chocolate which processed use and herbal method that becomes a lotion a lotion and oil. Combine with massage technique using natural stone which have an effect to clean the bacteria from inside the body (detoxification), smoothing your skin, rejuvenation, increase blood circulation, erase the black spot on your face and make your skin more beautiful.


  • Foot Bath with Tropical Flower
  • Natural Aroma Oil, Lotion & Hot Stone Therapy
  • Hand Manipulation Massage
  • Shower Bath with essential Soap & Shampoo
  • Airconditioned VIP room with Shower


  • 열대 꽃잎 족욕.
  • 천연 오일과 로션을 사용, 핫 스톤 테라피.
  • 핸드 마니풀레이션 마사지.
  • 에센셜 비누와 샴푸로 샤워 베스.
  • 에어컨 & 샤워 가능 한 VIP룸
02 Cold & Warm Stone Therapy 3
01 Cold & Warm Stone Therapy Product
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